During the occasion of the Photokina – the world’s largest imaging fair, Sergey Korzhenevich, the CEO of Relonch announced a fully functional ‘made for iPhone’ photography device. Dubbed Relonch Camera, the module boasts a large APS-C-size sensor paired with a large aperture lens and a unique image processor, enabling users to take magazine-quality photos with just a click and share them on the spot with social media apps like instagram and facebook.

The Relonch Camera automatically connects directly though the smartphone’s lightning jack and saves captured images automatically to the iPhone camera roll. A ‘fancy photos’ feature creates images with crisp lines and accurate depth of field, blurred backgrounds, accents and balanced soft colors through the company’s downloadable app. The camera accessory can be pre-ordered at Relonch. (via Retail Design Blog)

Relonch-Camera-for-iPhone Relonch-Camera-for-iPhone-02 Relonch-Camera-for-iPhone-03 Relonch-Camera-for-iPhone-04 Relonch-Camera-for-iPhone-05 Relonch-Camera-for-iPhone-06 Relonch-Camera-for-iPhone-08 Relonch-Camera-for-iPhone-10


The schiller sport inc. ‘X1 water bike’ is a further development of the water bike project, the ‘baycycle‘ which created a new form of cycling by attaching a bicycle onto an inflated base. The 45 lb bicycle is constructed from anodized aluminum as well as stainless steel, and offers maximum user safety thanks to its two inflatable pontoons. The twin oscillating propellers are controlled by a rudderless handlebar steering system that allows the rider to turn left and right, as well as being one of only a few velocipedes that goes in reverse. an exhilarating and dynamic, yet safe experience is produced as speeds of approximately 8 knots per hour (10 mph) can be reached.

Only 250 ‘X1 water bikes’ will be manufactured with all of them having interchangeable saddle, handlebar, crank and pedal components. the stable bicycle is available in a variety of colors and has a pure rotary motion system that maximizes the conversion of energy to propulsion. this 100% human powered device means no fuel is required thus there are zero emissions to impact on the environment. Schiller sport’s product is even more eco-friendly as it is easy to transport, assembly and breakdown because it takes less than ten minutes to put together and disassemble for being stored in the trunk of a car.

‘From the outset, our goal was to design and manufacture the most advanced production water bike ever created. The x1 is the reflection of an all-star team of designers, engineers, and craftsmen working together with cycling and water sport experts to invent something the world has never seen,’ said founder and ceo, Judah Schiller. ‘The time has come at last for people to experience the thrill and freedom of biking across a spectacular blue planet.’ The water bike features a watertight storage compartment for valuables and offers a safe and exciting new way of cycling. (via Design Boom)

schiller-X1-water-bike-designboom01 schiller-X1-water-bike-designboom07 schiller-X1-water-bike-designboom051

Designer Peter Baeten has created a beautiful chess set that folds down to a classic notebook, perfect for carrying on the go. (via Design You Trust)

chess-1-650x433 chess-2 chess-3 chess-4

Grippine are flexible silicone shells adaptable to any kind of plastic pedals. The material and geometry of the texture guarantee a firm grip and adhesion between the bike pedals and the sole of the shoe. A useful accessory to give new life to old pedals, to customize and color your bicycle, to be applied with a simple gesture, without the need for keys, screws and bolts.

Most of the pedals of the city bikes are made of plastic and, without suitable shoes, the grip is poor. Unlike racing bikes or fixed gear, city bikes do not have special attacks for shoes and, if you use your bike daily, it is not possible to adapt your style to the pedal. The grip gets worse in case of rain or when the entire weight of the body is on the pedals to ride in an upright position, and especially for girls who ride the bike in high heels.

Sovrappensiero Design Studio focused their research on this problem. The first solution was a pedal with a hard polymer structure and gripping surfaces, but the prototype’s advantage over conventional pedals didn’t justify its complexity. The studio started then again from scratch and aimed to design a product in which materials, manufacturing and usage followed the guideline of simplicity. Thus, Grippine was born. (via Design You Trust)

Sovrappensiero-Design-Studio-_-Grippine-_-PHOTO-CREDIT-Dario-De-Sirianna-1 Sovrappensiero-Design-Studio-_-Grippine-_-PHOTO-CREDIT-Dario-De-Sirianna-2 Sovrappensiero-Design-Studio-_-Grippine-_-PHOTO-CREDIT-Dario-De-Sirianna-3 Sovrappensiero-Design-Studio-_-Grippine-_-PHOTO-CREDIT-Dario-De-Sirianna-4 Sovrappensiero-Design-Studio-_-Grippine-_-PHOTO-CREDIT-Dario-De-Sirianna-5





Lomography has unveiled a special Transparent Collector’s Edition Konstruktor camera. Users are still able to insert film to see how a camera works—such as examining the shutter mechanism or mirror functions—but the camera will be unable to take photographs with light streaming through. The camera is available for US$59 and would require some assembly. Fans of the brand can purchase it from the Lomography web store. (via Design Taxi)

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According to a Bloomberg report, a team of 100 product designers at Apple Inc. are working on a wristwatch-style digital device. Apple has filed at least 79 patent applications with the word “wrist”, including one for a kinetic-powered device with a flexible screen. Its features are rumored to include geographical location services, a pedometer counter and sensors for monitoring health-related data, such as heart rates.

This foray into wristwatches would open up competition with Google in the area of wearable technology, as Google is also moving forward with its development of Google Glass. According to Oliver Chen, a luxury retail analyst at Citigroup Inc., “This can be a US$6 billion opportunity for Apple, with plenty of opportunity for upside if they create something totally new like they did with the iPod—something consumers didn’t even know they needed.” The report also notes that Apple’s lead designer, Jony Ive, has a keen interest in watches—the owner of many fancy watches, it is said that he and his team have visited watch factories for research. (via Design Taxi)



Designer Samir Sufi has imagined a concept for a teacup that features a built-in groove that prevents the teabag string from falling into the cup. Called ‘Tea Cup SlightsHOT’, the groove also allows users to pull the teabag against the edge of the cup—letting them squeeze all the liquid out of the bag. (via Design Taxi)


Taiwanese company Polytron Technologies, Inc. has unveiled a transparent smartphone. In pictures, the prototype that could change the smartphone industry has a smaller screen and a power glass. The power glass powers the film in the middle, that is encapsulated by a touch glass casing. Processors and components are still clearly visible at the edges of the phone, as technology does not yet support their transparent designs. (via DesignTaxi)


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