Love it! A cool way to promote Riga where I lived for some years.

“Queen II” promo poster, 1974.

Artist Jake Tilson’s latest book “In at the Deep End, Cooking Fish, Venice to Tokyo”, is out in September. The promotion for the book is a pack with food-related graphic design gems. Previously he has done “A Tale of 12 Kitchens”, his part travelogue, part recipe book. His new book deals with a lifelong squeamishness about eating fish. To get over it, Tilson sent himself on “a quest to buy, prepare and cook fish and seafood” around the world. As with 12 Kitchens Tilson has created everything in the book himself, including four new food-inspired typefaces which are revealed on a series of cards in the pack. (via Creative Review)

Good ol´George is still milking the Star Wars cashcow… However nice packaging design.

Funky funny and playful design with a solid message. Nice.

Facing statistics that over 80 percent of five year olds in England don’t get their five a day in terms of fruit and veg, and also that a third of children get less than the recommended amount of physical activity each week, the British Heart Foundation commissioned design studio hat-trick to design a kids party pack aimed at 4-8 year olds that would promote healthy fun for kids whilst communicating health messages to parents. (via Creative Review)

Loose Leaf is a new publication from San Francisco that celebrates the city’s creativity. It comes as a series of unbound prints that can be hung on pegs and shuffled according to taste.

An iconic campaign. Always loved it. Still do.

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