Nice one from Ad agency Brothers and Sisters.

From Barker Gray we get this neat little X-Mas promotion idea.

“Our ‘Office Snowball Fight’ concept offered to bring some of the fun of a traditional northern hemisphere winter to our clients in the South, baking in the heat of the summer. The ‘snowballs’ were made up of from studio waste paper. When unwrapped they revealed some of the unsuccessful ideas that didn’t quite make the cut – amongst other delicious treats. The packaging was inspired by the English Victorian period and the charming imagery and language from that time.  In keeping with the era, the tub was gift-wrapped in simple brown paper and string before being delivered in bundles to our happy clients. A merry old idea from Barker Gray . . . Happy holidays to you all!” (via The Dieline)

This human-scale pinball machine was Modular Lighting Instruments showroom at Interieur 2010, the 22nd International Design Biennale that took place October 15 – 24 at Kortrijk Xpo venue in Kortrijk, Belgium. Within the pinball machine, Modular introduced its latest LED ceiling lights. The playing field of the game was divided into the same sections as the Modular lighting catalogue: Orientation, Accent, General and Dynamic making it easy for the “players”- potential specifiers and buyers of the new lights – to pay attention to the lights, and not just the fun surroundings. (Via The Cool Hunter)

He he he….

“This summer, California Skateparks brought The World’s Largest Skateboard to Camp Woodward PA. One afternoon, campers and staff took the enormous skateboard out for a ride. Late in the day, California Skateparks owner, Joe Ciaglia decided to take his creation for a solo ride.”

I like this idea. I have felt for some time that a flexible corporate identity is the way to go. It adds so much more to your identity.

“Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, a design agency in Hamburg, Germany, won a Gold Design Lion for their corporate web site at Cannes International Advertising Festival, following on from the Gold Design Lion awarded in 2009 for their corporate identity development. The corporate identity, consisting of three pillars, was based on the realisation that the lengths of the three partners names were in direct proportion to their respective heights. The corporate site was designed around the logo, taking a 2 dimensional framework and enhancing it as an interactive, 3-dimensional object, while ensuring that the site provided overall information, facts, articles and cases studies in an entertaining and surprising way. The corporate identity was given the ability to freely float and move in space and to constantly change, but always following the guiding concept of colours and the three bars.” (via The Inspiration Room)

This is a very cool selfpromotion commercial for the Paris based visual effects company One More Production. For all of us who grew up with pixel arcade games…