I can only recommend the horror crime drama tv series “The Outsider” based on the Stephen King novel. It´s a thrilling and frightening piece of work with a dark and disturbing atmosphere. Ben Mendelsohn as detective Ralph Anderson is just magnificent in his role and the same goes for Cynthia Erivo as the private detective Holly Gibney. It so well made and the cinematography is truly top notch. I was hooked through all 10 episodes. See it. #TheOutsider

So I have finally seen the first season of “Knightfall”. Initally I didn´t like the first look of it despite the fact that the storyline and setting is totally up my alley. But, I gave it a second chance. “Knightfall” is a historical fiction drama television series created by Don Handfield and Richard Rayner for the History channel. The series recounts the success, fall, persecution, and suppression of the Knights Templar, as orchestrated by King Philip IV of France on October 13, 1307. The series focuses on the fictional Templar leader Landry du Lauzon, a brave warrior discouraged by the Templars’ failures in the Holy Land who is reinvigorated by news that the Holy Grail has resurfaced.

I think it´s a nice production, solid story and it has plenty of things to like. But, my biggest issue with this series is that the acting is way too wobbly during the whole first season. It´s just not top notch which I think is a shame. However, I will see the second season as well.


“The Mandalorian”, is a Star Wars television series that will be shown on the upcoming video streaming service Disney+. The series take place a few years after the events of “Return of the Jedi” and follows a lone Mandalorian gunfighter beyond the reaches of the New Republic… Looks intriguing. #starwars

True Detective – Season 3 has come to an end and it was not a season of my liking at least. Mahershala Ali is a great actor, but his character detective Wayne Hays has nothing likeable about him more or less, while Stephen Dorff is maybe not the greatest actor and his character detective Roland West is just a grumpy backdrop. The storyline ends up in one long dialogue that never seems to end and a mish mash of timelines plus a conclusion that just becomes a bit of a shoulder shrug. I missed the tension and excitement from previous seasons. True Detective – Season 3 is a disappointment in my opinion. #TrueDetective #HBO


I can only recommend “The Vietnam War” documentary series from 2017. It´s a horrifying, in depth and emotional piece of documentary that took more than 10 years to make. See it. #TheVietnamWar



Can´t wait to see. #Taboo