The German automobile company has rolled out a new version to its sound logo, which will be used in the brand’s new product films, and radio and TV advertising commercials. The old sound logo had a ‘double gong’ ending and was used the last 14 years, according to Joachim H Blickhäuser, the head of Corporate and Brand Identity at BMW Group. “As part of the evolution of our acoustic branding, we are replacing [it] with a new sound logo, which gives the brand a distinctive modern, aesthetic and dynamic recognition factor and can be used in many different ways worldwide,” Blickhäuser said in a statement.

Sound designer Thomas Kisser, who developed the new logo, also added: “It was a very intensive process and a wonderfully exciting challenge right from the start. The questions I asked myself at the outset were: What does the BMW brand sound like to me? Which sound themes represent the values I associate with BMW, such as Sheer Driving Pleasure, aesthetic appeal and power? And how can I create a sound logo that clearly differentiates the brand from other brands—especially other automotive brands?” The new sound logo will be first introduced in French and UK markets in March, and will soon rollout globally later this year. (via Design Taxi)