Hawaii-native Sean Yoro, aka Hula, traditionally worked with paint on wood panels, until the day he combined his surfboarding skills and creative character, and took to the seas in search of street art-style canvasses. Instead of applying his paint to walls and surfaces in urban environments, hula made his way to abandoned spaces and untouched building façades only accessible by water. Carefully carrying cans of colored paint on the edge of his board, the now new york-based artist sources seaside locations in the creation of his most recent series of female portraits, half submerged in the surrounding water.

The series of artworks comprises four female portraits, each painted with a distinct hyper-realism. While their faces are painted on the wall, their bodies ‘hide’ under the water’s edge — the perfect placement for them to appear as if they are serenely floating in the surrounding abyss. The pool of water below reflects a semi-transparent image onto the surface, making the faces seem as if they are looking into a mirror. (via DesignBoom)

hula-paints-hyper-realistic-bathing-ladies-from-his-surfboard-designboom-01 hula-paints-hyper-realistic-bathing-ladies-from-his-surfboard-designboom-02 hula-paints-hyper-realistic-bathing-ladies-from-his-surfboard-designboom-03 hula-paints-hyper-realistic-bathing-ladies-from-his-surfboard-designboom-06 hula-paints-hyper-realistic-bathing-ladies-from-his-surfboard-designboom-09hula-paints-hyper-realistic-bathing-ladies-from-his-surfboard-designboom-12

Love Natalia Rak´s style of streetart predominantly huge wall paintings.

Born in 1986. She is a graduate of Fine Arts in Lodz with a Diploma of Spatial and Poster Design in Professor Sławomir Iwański atelier. Mostly associated with streetart. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Poland. Her first Streetart Auction in Poland was at the Rempex Gallery in Warsaw. She mostly paints the many faces of women. In her colorful paintings she tries to create a mood, mystery and metaphors.

Blind Man's Bluff 79X109 cm Natalia Rak small 9af4991fa4bdcc8e-rendezvous_by_nataliarakd59a58u check_mat_by_nataliarak-d53nn6d f21a59fd8d079874-lettherebelight fots_mural_2013_026 image(10) inglorious_bastard_by_nataliarak-d6xjl9t magic_book_by_nataliarak-d7knase


“Ceramic Speaks in the Street” is a series of street art by Russian artist Daria Makarenko where missing bricks or stones on a wall or panels absent from pavement are replaced by bricks/stones/slabs with thoughts and phrases. The idea was to take an architectural item from an urban space and replace it with something thought provoking that can communicate between the artist and the viewer. Each expression gives the passersby something to ponder and to interpret in their own way. (via Design Milk)

In celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, UK street artist Banksy has released an exclusive print absolutely free for all.

Found on the streets of London, is what’s said to be world-renowned British street artist Banksy’s latest piece. The piece features Union Jack flags draped across the wall, and applied to the artist’s signature stencil of a child working on a sewing machine. According to locals, the piece appeared early hours in the morning at Turnpike Lane, at the side of Poundland on Whymark Avenue. Created in line with the royal Diamond Jubilee celebration to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 60-year reign, it’s said that the piece hopes to put spotlight on child labor issues. According to Hookedblog, the location, style and cut of the stencil is highly likely to be Banksy’s work. (via Design Taxi)

Portuguese street artist Vhils makes portraits by hacking, drilling and ripping into buildings. His first monograph has just been published by Gestalten and contains some striking imagery of his work. Love this. Excellent street art.

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