Gorgeous Annabelle Wallis as Grace Burgess in “Peaky Blinders”. Lovely…..

I can only recommend the horror crime drama tv series “The Outsider” based on the Stephen King novel. It´s a thrilling and frightening piece of work with a dark and disturbing atmosphere. Ben Mendelsohn as detective Ralph Anderson is just magnificent in his role and the same goes for Cynthia Erivo as the private detective Holly Gibney. It so well made and the cinematography is truly top notch. I was hooked through all 10 episodes. See it. #TheOutsider

I can´t even recall how many times I have seen the 12 episodes of “Fawlty Towers”, but it´s many many times. And can only say it´s such a comic treat every time you happen to see any of the episodes. And I never get tired of seeing them. I stumbled upon “The Hotel Inspectors” episode last night on TV and it´s such a hilarious episode. “Fawlty Towers” was broadcast on BBC2 in 1975 and 1979 and it´s still one of the funniest sitcoms ever made. John Cleese, Connie Booth, Prunella Scales and Andrew Sachs are simply brilliant in their roles. And John Cleese is at his comic prime as Basil Fawlty. A good laugh is needed every once in a while in these strange and uncertain times. #FawltyTowers #Coronabegoneyoubastard

The American action crime drama television series “Kojak” starring Telly Savalas as Detective Lieutenant Theo Kojak aired on CBS from 1973 to 1978.

The series is set in the New York City Police Department’s Eleventh Precinct, Manhattan South Patrol Borough. The show revolved around the efforts of the tough and incorruptible Lieutenant Theo Kojak a bald, dapper, New York City policeman, who was fond of Tootsie Roll Pops and of using the catchphrases, “Who loves ya, baby?” and “Cootchie-coo!” Kojak was stubborn and tenacious in his investigation of crimes—and also displayed a dark, cynical wit, along with a tendency to bend the rules if it brought a criminal to justice. His squad includes the young plainclothes officer Detective Bobby Crocker (Kevin Dobson) and Detective Demosthenes “Curly” Stavros, played by Telly’s real-life brother George Savalas.

I was a bit too young when “Kojak” aired on TV in Sweden, but as far as I remember my Mom used to watch it. So I never got to watch the show until now and I have just finished the first season. What I like about “Kojak” is the gritty NYC vibe, the many guest stars and the title theme. But, what I don´t like about “Kojak” is actually the main character Detective Lieutenant Theo Kojak. He´s one gigantic ego, he´s a know it all, he isn´t all that nice to his colleagues and it´s a bit silly how he solves crimes in a three piece suit. To be honest, “Kojak” isn´t my 70s cop drama. I will give “Baretta” 1975-1978 the next shot in my further exploration of 70s cop dramas.

The wonderful Liv Lisa Fries in “Babylon Berlin”. ✨🖤🖤🖤🥰🖤🖤🖤✨

Great tv-show! #JamieandJimmysFoodFightClub

Finally it´s on…. #BabylonBerlin #SeasonThree

Loved it. Great storyline and a really good looking production honoring the legacy of Star Wars. See it! #TheMandalorian

Rest in peace Dame Diana Rigg. Mostly known for her role as Emma Peel in the TV series “The Avengers” (1965–1968), as Countess Teresa di Vicenzo in the James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (1969) and as Olenna Tyrell in Game of Thrones (2013–2017).

Lovely, lovely Mary Elizabeth Winstead! Top beaut!!


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