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Sometimes you got to stop for a moment and actually pat yourself on your back for everything you have achieved in your life so far. To be satisfied for a moment every once in a while. To recall everything you have managed to do. And not focus on the things you haven´t managed to do. We live in a world where everything goes faster and faster and we take less time to just contemplate on what we have done in our lives. Like taking the step of living, working and studying abroad. Taking higher academic degrees and all the blood, sweat, anxiety and tears in means to do so. Being dynamic, driven and proactive in your professional worklife. Overcoming darker moments by being open to yourself and others. Showing your true self to someone you feel strongly for and not being afraid to do so. Being a listener and friend in need. Doing the small things to show appreciation of someone that has a special place in your heart. Being a good and supportive workcolleague. To show appreciation of your parents. To travel alone and experience the world. To challenge yourself with all sorts of things. To be close to your brother or sister. To be close to your friends. Not being afraid of failure. Not being afraid of love and showing it. Believing in others. Believing in yourself. Take that moment today.