I can only warmly recommend the German crime-drama television series “Babylon Berlin” which is set in Berlin in 1929 during the Weimar Republic and follows Gereon Rath, a police inspector on assignment from Cologne who is on a secret mission… The series is the most expensive non-English language television drama series and co-directed by Tom Tykwer. This is a fantastic tv-show from all angles in my mind. Love it. See it! #BabylonBerlin


So I have finally seen all 6 seasons of the tv show Nip/Tuck. The series focus on “McNamara/Troy”, a cutting-edge, controversial plastic surgery center—but, particularly its founders: Drs. Sean McNamara and Christian Troy, portrayed by Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon. Each episode featured graphic, partial-depictions of the plastic surgeries of one or more patients procedures. Much of the series’ drama is derived from the tumultuous personal lives of its main characters (including the doctors’ loved ones).

The show premiered on July 22, 2003, and concluded on March 3, 2010, with the 100th episode. While the show was initially set in Miami, at the end of the fourth season it was relocated to Los Angeles and many of the characters have followed along. The show has earned 45 award nominations, winning one Golden Globe and one Emmy Award. (via Wikipedia)

It´s been a pleasure to tag along the weird lives of Sean McNamara and Christian Troy and yes maybe the show dipped a bit in the final season, but I will look back at Nip/Tuck as a weird and intriguing tv companion. #Nip/Tuck


HBO crime drama True Detective is unlikely to return for a third season, according to a new report.

After a critically acclaimed first season, staring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, the series received less favourable reviews for its second season prompting speculation about its future.

In a profile of HBO’s new programming head Casey Bloys, The Hollywood Reporter reports that the show’s fate might have already been decided.

According to HBO sources, the show’s creator Nic Pizzolatto will move on to an altogether new project instead. Last year, Pizzolatto inked a two-year deal with the television network. He has previously said that he couldn’t imagine making more than three seasons of the show.

True Detective Season 2 featured Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughn, and Taylor Kitsch. Responding to its poor reception, HBO’s former head of programming Michael Lombardo acknowledged that the season had failed to live up to expectations.

Speaking to The Frame, he said: “Our biggest failures — and I don’t know if I would consider True Detective 2 — but when we tell somebody to hit an air date as opposed to allowing the writing to find its own natural resting place, when it’s ready, when it’s baked — we’ve failed.” (via NME)