Vespa’s new special edition named ‘Sei Giorni’, which translates to ‘six days’, celebrates the original Vespa sport scooter that won nine gold medals at the international six days of Varese in 1951. Based on today’s generation Vespa ‘GTS’ scooters, the limited ‘Sei Giorni’ harks back to the italian-manufacturer’s iconic style. Suchlike its 66-year-old predecessor, it features a unique low-mounted headlamp located on the front fender, special handlebars, plus the same colorway, and details inspired by the winning scooter. (via Designboom)



Wood-burning stoves are not common in indonesia, but have influenced barata dwiputra, lead builder of thrive motorcycles to re-imagine a classic 1968 yamaha XS650. Taking over a year to locate and obtain the bike itself, the transformation was completed in just two months, including a complete engine overhaul and hand-fabricated bodywork. To create a more aggressive aesthetic, the wheelbase was lengthened using a custom swing-arm and the front end was slightly lowered; the colors have been reduced to shades of black, with brass and copper accents for the details. For functionality, a pair of leather belts have been fitted under the battery box, designed to hold a flannel shirt or jacket in place and a custom canvas bag containing the tools needed to maintain the XS650. (via Design Boom) Cool……

thrive-1968-yamaha-XS-650-T004-MooN-designboom01 thrive-1968-yamaha-XS-650-T004-MooN-designboom02 thrive-1968-yamaha-XS-650-T004-MooN-designboom03 thrive-1968-yamaha-XS-650-T004-MooN-designboom04 thrive-1968-yamaha-XS-650-T004-MooN-designboom05 thrive-1968-yamaha-XS-650-T004-MooN-designboom06 thrive-1968-yamaha-XS-650-T004-MooN-designboom07

Here is another thing to add to your Tokyo to-do list: party on the fabulous Jicoo Floating Bar. Cruising serenely within Tokyo Bay, the boat bar looks more like a high-tech warship from a sci-fi movie than an entertainment venue, but it is certainly designed for a good night out.

Its route will bring you back and forth between the Hinode Pier to the Odaiba Seaside Park in an hour, providing services like live performances to wedding party logistics. (via DesignTaxi)