Hal Douglas, the legendary Hollywood movie trailer narrator, has died aged 89. Douglas, whose voice became well-known to cinema-goers across the world due to his work on trailers for films including The Rock, Forrest Gump and Philadelphia, passed away yesterday (March 13) as a result of complications from pancreatic cancer. His daughter Sarah told the New York Times that he had died at his home in Virginia. Douglas also had a wife, Ruth Francis Douglas, and two sons, Jeremy and Jon. Born in 1924 in Connecticut, he first trained as a pilot and served in the US navy in World War II before turning his attentions to acting, initially working as a radio actor and later embracing voiceover work.

Douglas, who made a rare on-screen appearance in Jerry Seinfeld’s 2002 documentary Comedian, was considered one of the elite voiceover artists in the film and TV world. Marice Tobias, a consultant and voice coach to numerous high-profile actors, told the New York Times: “When you go past superstar status, you reach icon status in this business, where people know you by one name only. That was Hal.”In 2013, meanwhile, Casimir Nozkowski directed a short film about Douglas’s career titled A Great Voice. (via NME)