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Love this simple and very visual site design.


Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 1.26.18 PM

Dig the technical solution for this website, promoting the band Deep Dark Robot.



Love the technical functions of Robert Jaso´s website.


Like the graphic wholeness of this site from Puma.


This was a pitch proposal I made at DDB Worldwide, for a web promotion/competition for the juice company Gutta. The concept was based on the idea “What Kind Of Fruit Are You?”. The core of the visual outcome was based on funny portrait comparison with the fruits, the Gutta colours and of course the fruit as the centre of attention. We had other ideas, in which I was involved as well. It was a fun pitch and everyone in the team did a great job.


The very intriguing solution to Cold War Kids interactive video and their song “I´ve Seen Enough” became a winner at The 14th Annual Webby Awards. See why..

Website: http://coldwarkids.com/iveseenenough/

The wellknown Pernod Ricard Absinthe brand, is promoted via this quite neat and new site showcasing its history and artwork and the drinking ritual plus recipes. From Communication Arts we get the following information: “Founded in 1805, Absinthe was banned from 1915 until 2000 after being portrayed by prohibitionists and social conservatives as a dangerously addictive psychoactive drug. Using the vast Pernod Ricard archives to tell the Absinthe story with video clips, timelines and imagery, the site taps into a treasure trove of 19th and 20th century art, advertising and literature, reminding visitors that it’s the only absinthe with an authentic history. It’s a compelling destination for all connoisseurs—consumers, press and trade—on the history of the well-known, but little-understood drink.”


This is an interactive promotional web site for Wrangler from the Swedish interactive agency Kokokaka. It´s nominated at The Webby Awards. There´s something nice with the wholeness in it (style, music etc) and I do like the idea of interacting with the page. But, at the same time, does it sell me the brand and the clothes?



This is a nice little website. A creative community where people around the globe can create and share colours, palettes and patterns etc.


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