Gorgeous and fantastic. #AnnaTernheim



Lovely Anna.


New song from Anna.


I had the pleasure to see Anna Ternheim this night for the third time. It was yet a magic moment in my life spent with Anna. Her brilliance has no words really. The show tonite is a memory for life. My heart belongs to Anna. Quite simple. Magic Anna.


Anna Ternheim just released her fourth album, “The Night Visitor”. This time around Anna took a trip down to Nashville for inspiration and recorded the album with some of the finest musicians, like Cowboy Jack Clement, in the south. This album is very much Anna Ternheim, but slightly scaled down with an obvious touch of country and with a stronger focus on her voice compared to “Leaving On A Mayday”. Anna´s voice is so sincere and beautiful on this album. A voice to escape with. A voice to revisit. Over and over. The opening track “Solitary Move” is like a musicial roadtrip. “The Longer The Waiting (The Sweeter The Kiss) is a great duet between Anna and Dave Ferguson. Other favourite tracks is “Ghost Of A Man”, “Bow Your Head”, “All Shadows” and “Come To Bed”. All in all an excellent album. I can´t wait to see her live in february. You have my heart Anna.