This was part of a Snickers campaign called “Conquer Sahara With Snickers”, I worked on during my years at BBDO. This was a set of 4 wallpapers for the web side of the campaign, that communicated the Snickers marketing platform of the active Snickers experience and the feeling of being up for anything when living life to the fullest.

These visuals were campaign proposals (key visuals) for Snickers I made during my time at BBDO in Riga/Latvia. My mission in this specific project was to visualize these concept ideas from two of my colleagues in the MARS team. “Defy The Gravity With Snickers” had its foundation in a clean, but funky vector based solution communicating the feeling of defying gravity. And “Conquer The Winter With Snickers” put forward the feeling of having conquered a mountain and putting the flag on the top, as the ultimate proof of the victory. In the end the client chose another concept, but my idea of creating a Snickers flag became a big hit with the client and thus they did produce Snickers flags for the chosen concept.

This was a print ad (the big visual) for Snickers I made during my time at BBDO in Riga/Latvia. The ad was displayed in the Estonian extreme sports magazine Sahtel and the concept was the classic Snickers one “To communicate the active Snickers experience that keeps you going”. The four smaller ads were my additional proposals. I personally liked the other ones better than the chosen one by the client. Not that unusual…