Thanks to Nicole Sabouné and Choir Of Young Believers for a magic evening yesterday!

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Choir Of Young Believers have a bit of Fleet Foxes and Band Of Horses in them, but I would not put them in the beardrock genre. They do however have a baroque harmonic pop structure, and their songs have the same quasi-religious feel, with a similarly solemn, churchy atmosphere. The singer, writer and guitarist Jannis Noya Makrigiannis sounds wintry and desolate, sometimes enhanced by plaintive acoustic guitar, haunting organs or through woodwind and strings. Choir Of Young Believers operates in perfect harmony and creates a great album in “Rhine Gold”. “The Third Time” is mesmerizing as the opening song of the album. Followed by “Patricias Thirst” (Excellent), “Sedated” (Middle eastern influenced song),”Paralyse” (Like a speedy hightway song), “Have I Ever Truly Been Here” (Slow churchlike anthem), “Nye Nummer Et” (Great song),”Paint New Horrors” (A bit weaker, simple popsong), “The Wind Is Blowing Needles” (Ghostlike) and the closing “Rhine Gold” (A bit dull and too long). All in all I am so pleased to have seen Choir Of Young Believers live. A brilliant live act. Minus to Denmark that keeps on being poor at marketing their greatest bands outside of the danish border. Do check out Choir Of Young Believers.



Magic. Magic. Magic.

Fantastic danish band. Saw them live last weekend. Check them out.