Today´s positive/magic song is Coldplay´s “Orphans” from their latest album “Everyday Life”. #CoronaBeGoneYouBastard #DayThree

Beautiful. I can´t really describe how much Coldplay has meant to me throughout the years.

Just magic.

Excellent new song from Coldplay!

So good……. #Coldplay

A fine fine Coldplay song from the Kaleidoscope EP. Love the bass and the drums. #Coldplay

A fine song.

Coldplay have confirmed that the band will release a new EP in 2017. The four-piece took to Twitter to make the announcement. They wrote: “Hello everyone. We’re working on some new songs for next year. It’s called the ‘Kaleidoscope’ EP.”

They gave no further details of any tracklisting or song titles. The band released their album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ in December 2015, reaching Number One in the UK and selling over four million copies so far. Earlier this year, frontman Chris Martin hinted at a future EP release. “We’re comfortable with being who we are at the moment,” he said. “I think when we let go of the idea we had to try and win everyone over I think that was really liberating.”

Martin continued: “I’d be surprised if there was another conventional Coldplay album. I just feel like we’re right where we’re supposed to be right now. I meant what I said to you a couple of years ago I feel like this is a closing chapter of something. I stand by that I’m afraid.” (via NME)


New video.