The Joker is back…. Can´t wait to see this.. #Joker



Recently DC Comics revealed a brand new corporate identity created by the great design studio Landor. The design, with a nod to the superhero’s twin identity and the ‘peeling back’ of the mask is of course a solid idea, but I feel it doesn’t really look that aesthetic as Milton Glasers classic “DC Bullet. I like the flexibility in it, but it does lack appeal graphically. But, maybe it will grow on me.



Intriguing book from Taschen.

Green Lantern/Green Arrow#76 (April 1970). And the cover art is by the brilliant Neal Adams. Some of the comic books I red in my childhood was drawn by Mr. Adams. Love his style. I am pleased as well to see that Green Lantern finally get some recognition in the shape of a movie adaptation. Always loved Green Lantern and Green Arrow. A proper superhero duo.