This was a pitch proposal I made at DDB Worldwide, for a web promotion/competition for the juice company Gutta. The concept was based on the idea “What Kind Of Fruit Are You?”. The core of the visual outcome was based on funny portrait comparison with the fruits, the Gutta colours and of course the fruit as the centre of attention. We had other ideas, in which I was involved as well. It was a fun pitch and everyone in the team did a great job.

DDB Worldwide agencies won 52 Lions, including two Grand Prix, and DDB was ranked as the #2 most-awarded agency network at the 2010 International Advertising Cannes Festival. Good stuff!

This was a selfpromotional design (12 different versions) I made during my time at DDB Worldwide in Riga. The brief was simple; create greeting cards for the agency. And the concept ended up being a play with the DDB degree symbol. The design was announced as well as “Design of the Month” (June 2009) at DDB Worldwide Latvia.