Vinyl is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity, but there are plenty of people who still see the turntable as dated technology.

While that may be the case for some music systems, it’s far from the case with the MAG-LEV Audio ‘Levitating Turntable’, a gravity-defying record player that is currently seeking funding on kickstarter. The first ‘Levitating Turntable’ visually enhances the experience of listening to vinyl records by levitating the platter, thus creating a turntable of the future for the medium of the past.

MAG-LEV Audio searched for a way for people to have a better, newer way to experience vinyl records. By pushing the frontier of audio technology, it was able to integrate the uplifting experience of music into the turntable design itself, bringing the feeling of zero gravity into the living room. The first ‘Levitating Turntable’ is designed for people who appreciate high quality sound and innovative design. It includes built-in feet that the platter rests on when not in use, but these retract while the turntable is operating, giving it a truly futuristic appearance. It comes with a pre-fitted tonearm and cartridge, which provides a phono-in connection. Pick a favorite record; turn the turntable on; move the tone arm into position; and lower the cueing lever; then let the smart-record player do the rest. (Via Design Boom)




While the New York city landscape is a seemingly endless sprawl of sights and spectacles, Brooklyn-based photographer Franck Bohbot hones in on specific facets of urban life. For the series ‘Light on – The color of the night’, Bohbot forms a sentimental study of storefronts through a series of expressive and cinematic architectural ‘portraits’. Shot over the course of two years, the collection highlights these commercial spaces nearly devoid of the human activity that usually populates them, turning the storefront into a stage for both nostalgia and modernity.

Some of the boroughs’ hidden gems — the Sunshine Cinema, Veniero’s italian bakery, Midtown comics — are animated through a hazy fog of subdued pastel fluorescence and a wash of dimly lit neon. Theaters, delis, peep shows, corner stores, and hotels display marquees from a time past, or contemporary exterior façades, further illustrating the diversity and complexity of Manhattan’s perpetually buzzing landscape. (via Design Boom and Nina Azzarello)

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Vaughan_Oliver_portrait Vaughan_Oliver_02 Vaughan_Oliver_03

Whether it is deliberately or subconsciously, works and styles of the past always have their way of influencing the ways that we form our creations today. This shows the power of design, as it can present new concepts in a manner that shows respect for its predecessors. With this mindset, Catherine Denoyelle and Assia Quétin have crafted ‘monde riant’ for pa design.

The project has been developed in ode to the famous dutch painter, Piet Mondrian. By taking his minimal and timeless technique and applying it to the stationery, each sticky note block has its own character defined by dimensions and color. This simplicity is enhanced by the fact that the pieces are divided by the black base structure, which replicates the artist’s solid bars that would direct his compositions. (via Design Boom)

pa-design-monde-riant-mondrian-sticky-notes-catherine-denoyelle-assia-quetin-designboom-05 pa-design-monde-riant-mondrian-sticky-notes-catherine-denoyelle-assia-quetin-designboom-02


The schiller sport inc. ‘X1 water bike’ is a further development of the water bike project, the ‘baycycle‘ which created a new form of cycling by attaching a bicycle onto an inflated base. The 45 lb bicycle is constructed from anodized aluminum as well as stainless steel, and offers maximum user safety thanks to its two inflatable pontoons. The twin oscillating propellers are controlled by a rudderless handlebar steering system that allows the rider to turn left and right, as well as being one of only a few velocipedes that goes in reverse. an exhilarating and dynamic, yet safe experience is produced as speeds of approximately 8 knots per hour (10 mph) can be reached.

Only 250 ‘X1 water bikes’ will be manufactured with all of them having interchangeable saddle, handlebar, crank and pedal components. the stable bicycle is available in a variety of colors and has a pure rotary motion system that maximizes the conversion of energy to propulsion. this 100% human powered device means no fuel is required thus there are zero emissions to impact on the environment. Schiller sport’s product is even more eco-friendly as it is easy to transport, assembly and breakdown because it takes less than ten minutes to put together and disassemble for being stored in the trunk of a car.

‘From the outset, our goal was to design and manufacture the most advanced production water bike ever created. The x1 is the reflection of an all-star team of designers, engineers, and craftsmen working together with cycling and water sport experts to invent something the world has never seen,’ said founder and ceo, Judah Schiller. ‘The time has come at last for people to experience the thrill and freedom of biking across a spectacular blue planet.’ The water bike features a watertight storage compartment for valuables and offers a safe and exciting new way of cycling. (via Design Boom)

schiller-X1-water-bike-designboom01 schiller-X1-water-bike-designboom07 schiller-X1-water-bike-designboom051

Everyone Associates worked with PUMA on their FIFA world cup activity by producing a specially designed presentation for key PUMA footballers’ pink and blue mismatched boots.
PUMA set out to make a statement on the pitch by being the first brand to have their players wearing mismatched boots. To reflect the unique appearance of the boots and the energy of Brazil, Everyone Associates created a vibrant hinged box that splits open vertically to present the pink and blue boots. Using a combination of contrasting matt and gloss print finishes, the personalized outer sleeve slides off to reveal the boots, jewel-like against a graphic background featuring the names and coordinates of the 12 world cup stadiums. (via Design Boom)

everyone_puma_packaging_01 everyone_puma_packaging_02 everyone_puma_packaging_04 everyone_puma_packaging_05 everyone_puma_packaging_06 everyone_puma_packaging_07