Ok, I have mentioned it before, the superhero concept is a bit worn out by now. But, The Super Delicious Ingredient Force from Taco Bell and the agency DraftFCB Chicago gets thumbs up from me. It makes me a bit nostalgic. I think of my childhood and my own fascination with superheros back then. The Super Delicious Ingredient Force consists of: Captain Enchilada Sauce, Chicken Woman, Flex Tortilla, Crunch Boy, Super Reduced Fat Sour Cream, Commander Seasoned Beef, Fantastic Rice, Incredibean, Steak Maximus and  Dr. Steve Value. : ) Their mission is to rid the world of “minuscule meals of mediocrity” from the “Cruddy Combo Clan. This is episode one, and other episodes will be available on the website. (via Adrants)