Today´s positive/magic song is Howard Jones “Things Can Only Get Better” from his second studio album “Dream into Action” released in 1985. The single reached number six in the UK Singles Chart and number five in the United States on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Curiously, the song also crossed over to the R&B charts in America, peaking at number 54. A typically upbeat Jones composition, it was one of two songs from the album to feature all-female singing group Afrodiziak on backing vocals. John Leland from Spin magazine wrote that “It mines the best of the Anglo soul movement: a clean slap-bass line, precise horns and synths, and some well-paced and inviting singing”.

The cover of the 12″ single featured a photograph of Jones, in profile, sitting on a high bar stool. This image was used in silhouette for the 7″ artwork, the single being issued in several alternative sleeves with different colour backgrounds. This song was featured in an episode of the “Watchmen” TV series, in a short sequence set in 1985.
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Still excellent.