Still magnificent.

“Eels frontman Mark ‘E’ Everett has described how the band’s new video is his version of getting revenge on London after he was questioned over being a suspected terrorist earlier this year. Speaking to NME about the promo for ‘Baby Loves Me’, E gave his reason for turning parts of London into a toytown in it. “It’s my way of saying ‘Thanks for making me feel bad by accusing me of being a terrorist in Hyde Park this June. I’ll show you. I’ll make your city look like a toy’.” The singer added that he’s not entirely sure where the idea from the video came from. “All I know is sometimes I’m big, sometimes I’m small, and sometimes I’m really, really tiny,” he said. “Kind of like how I feel from day to day. And I see a lot of the world in this video, much like I do on our world tour right now.” (Via NME)

Speaking about Eels (such a great band!) I wanted to put up one of my favourite Eels songs. “Novocaine For The Soul” was the first single from their 1996 debut album, “Beautiful Freak”. The brilliant video was directed by Mark Romanek. And this song contains the great line “Jesus and his lawyer are coming back”.

From NME we get the following news that Eels are set to release their ninth album “Tomorrow Morning” on August 23, but as a taster they have made the song “Looking Up” available as a free download from The new record has been described as “the brightest and most overtly uplifting work of Eels’ 14-year career”. Sounds intriguing.