It’s been five years since French duo Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, aka Justice, released a studio album, 2011’s ‘Audio, Video, Disco’. It’s also 10 years since they emerged with bona fide banger ‘We Are Your Friends’. And over that time, they’ve given themselves a lot to live up to.

The first hints of new material from the pair came earlier this year when they were pictured signing a new record deal with Because Music. Then, at this year’s Sonar Festival in Barcelona, an unknown track was played to open Busy P’s b2b DJ set with Ed Banger signees Para One and Boston Bun. Internet detectives Shazamed the track when the set was posted online a month later, only to discover that it was credited to Justice.

Now, the producers have officially revealed ‘Safe And Sound’. It’s classic Justice, with elastic funk basslines, drama, tension and angelic choir voices, too. But where in the past some of their music has been dark and foreboding, there’s a lightness to this song. It’s as if they’ve ripped down the blackout curtains, thrown open the windows and started worshipping the sun. The fact that it sounds so summery is what prompted the pair to share the track so soon. “It’s too much like summer not to share it,” Xavier told BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac. “We thought it would be a shame not to give it to the world.”

You can expect more new treats heading your way from Paris soon, too. During that same interview, they also officially confirmed they’ve been working on a new album that they’re now “putting the final touches to”. (via NME)


Justice have admitted they would like to work with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl – but only if he used an alias.

The French electronic duo, who released their last studio album ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ in October last year, told Digital Spy that they are hesitant to work with star-name artists as they believe it would divert attention away from their music. With both Justice and Foo Fighters recently sharing a bill at Reading And Leeds Festivals, the band’s Xavier de Rosnay said: “We don’t normally do that type of thing, only for the reason that the enterprise calls for collaborations and not the inverse.

“We think you should know what you are going to do and if you need someone like Dave Grohl – which seems unlikely for us, although we love him – it would work in that sense.” He then went on to say: For Justice, we like to do things in an more low-key way and I think if we were to work with Dave Grohl we’d make it really discreet and make him use another name. De Rosnay – who, along with bandmate Gaspard Auge, insisted earlier this year that the duo have no plans to produce any more remixes in the future, despite making their name by reworking tracks from the likes of Klaxons and MGMT – added: “Just because it sucks, especially when you’re doing music, just to have a list of tracks that all have features. It dissolves everything and you lose the focus on what is important about the track.” (via NME)