Recently DC Comics revealed a brand new corporate identity created by the great design studio Landor. The design, with a nod to the superhero’s twin identity and the ‘peeling back’ of the mask is of course a solid idea, but I feel it doesn’t really look that aesthetic as Milton Glasers classic “DC Bullet. I like the flexibility in it, but it does lack appeal graphically. But, maybe it will grow on me.



From one of my favourite design agencies, Landor, we get this cool packaging design for Espolón Tequila.

Just in time to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mexico’s independence from Spain, Espolón Tequila is returning to the United States to stage a revolution. Though the liquid inside is the same critically acclaimed, award-winning, 100 percent blue agave tequila, the packaging has a whole new look. International design firm Landor was inspired by 19th century Dia de los Muertos-style imagery with each label depicting a different story celebrating Mexico’s colorful culture. The labels, illustrated by Steven Noble, pay homage to the brave men and women who fiercely fought for today’s Mexico and celebrate the country as well as its iconic rooster—a symbol of national pride. Espolón was originally introduced to the United States as a finite release, winning a gold medal at the San Francisco Spirits Competition; with the tequila only available to a limited region of the U.S., tequila lovers were forced to cross the border to obtain it—further heightening its reputation. (via Communication Arts)


Landor is a global branding agency and another design company I would love to work for. Landor was originally established in the 1940´s by Walter Landor in the Russian Hill area in San Francisco. But, in 1964 Walter Landor bought the retired ferryboat The Klamath and turned it into a moving office. This move made Landor expand their creative disciplines including what is now known as corporate identity. The company eventually outgrow The Klamath, but the ferryboat is still the symbol for the company.

When reading about The Klamath, the development of the company, the work and legacy of Landor, I felt true inspiration and an instant will to be a part of Landor. I believe being a creative at Landor would grace you with opportunities that would propell your career to a skyhigh level. Landor, where do I sign up?