Miike Snow is finally back with a new album. My personal opinion is that “iii” is a bit stronger and more even than the previous album. “My Trigger” is a classic Miike Snow hit song that adds to the albums hit parade including the master piece “Genghis Kahn”, “The Heart Of Me”, “Back Of The Car”, “Lonely Life” (The best song in my opinion) and the rock oriented  “Over And Over”. “I Feel The Weight” sound like a good night lullaby with a deeper message and “Longshot (7 Nights) is the “ballad” with lovely horns. The souly “Heart is Full” isn´t reaching its fully potential, while “For U” featuring Charli XCX is too “progressive” and jumpy in my opinion. All in all, “iii” is very solid and I can´t wait to see Miike Snow live again.








The new Miike Snow monster instrument…..