Illustrator Jim Holdaway rocks. #ModestyBlaise


The man behind the classic female comicbook action heroine Modesty Blaise and her right-hand-man, Willie Garvin has passed away. I used to enjoy her adventures in the comic book Agent X9 back in the 80s. Peter O´Donnell created Modesty Blaise in 1963 and wrote the script to the comic until 2001 when it was stopped being published. And O’Donnell’s wish was that no one else would write any future Modesty Blaise stories, thus I reckon we won´t see her anymore. I do think Modesty Blaise deserves a proper big budget movie feature. I have only seen “Modesty Blaise” from 1966 and that was a truly so so one. Don´t know anything about “My Name Is Modesty: A Modesty Blaise Adventure” from 2004. Bring in the big shots and do a solid one. Angelina Jolie anyone?