Such a beautiful album. “Pink Moon” was released on 25 February 1972. My birth year. The title song has always made me think of my childhood of some reason. It´s somehow in the song. Nick Drake passed away in 1974 after battling depression. Rest in peace Nick. #NickDrake #PinkMoon



There´s no one like Nick Drake.

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Nick Drake deserves a proper tribute.

“A Nick Drake tribute project that will feature a documentary, album and book is underway. Directed by Emmett Malloy – who worked on The White Stripes tour documentary Under Great White Northern Lights – the filmmaker is planning “a nice, multilayered piece”. “Tribute projects, they’re a dime a dozen,” Malloy told “I’m sure there’s been 50 attempts at this, from every angle. It’s so complicated to get them started and to let people know it’s the real one.” So far the album is set to include Jack Johnson, Andrew Bird and Matt Costa, with more artists yet to be added. “I know that with that [Drake] name, we’ll get some great ones,” he explained. “I’m just fighting my way through to get the artists I feel will do it justice. I’m excited to get going on it, because there’s so many great songs.” Nick Drake died in 1974 at the age of 26 after releasing three albums, 1969’s “Five Leaves Left”, 1970’s “Bryter Layter” and 1972’s “Pink Moon”.” (via NME)