Hijackers working for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the “Che Guevara Group-Gaza Brigade” boarded and hijacked an Air France plane in 1976 and this tv-movie recounts the events and response of the Israeli government and the controversy that the rescue stirred. This version shows the difficult deliberations held by the Cabinet of Israel to decide on a top-secret military raid on the Jewish Sabbath by commandos; a difficult and daring operation carried out over 2500 miles from home, and an unwillingness of the Israeli government to give in to terrorist demands. One commando was killed (the breach unit commander Yonatan Netanyahu, brother of future Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu), as were three of the hostages, and 45 soldiers under the dictator of Uganda, Idi Amin. A fourth hostage, Dora Bloch, who had been taken to Mulago Hospital in Kampala, was murdered by the Ugandans on Idi Amin’s orders.

“Raid on Entebbe” is a 1977 TV movie directed by Irvin Kershner. Based on an actual event: Operation Entebbe and the freeing of hostages at Entebbe Airport in Entebbe, Uganda on July 4, 1976. The direction is a bit wobbly in my eyes and so is the acting and general feeling, then again with a tv movie from the 70s I wouldn´t expect anything else. We see an ensemble cast with actors such as Peter Finch, Charles Bronson, Yaphet Kotto, Martin Balsam, Horst Buchholz, John Saxon, James Woods etc. But, the one who really stands out is Yaphet Kotto as Idi Amin. Bronson is wooden as always. But, it was nice to see Horst Buchholz, whom I always will remember as Chico in “The Magnificent Seven” (1960). Both Bronson and Buchholz had roles in that classic. “Raid on Entebbe” is interesting from a historic point of view, but as a movie it leaves you with one or two wishes. (3 out of 5)