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“I’m sure there are fine artists out there who keep the audience in mind when they work. But it’s not the accepted trajectory of the profession. Conversely, it’s very clear in design that what we do needs to be seen an understood by an audience.”

Stefan Sagmeister’s new website offers a glimpse into his studio’s working life: the homepage features a live webcam while interaction is via vinyl graphic ‘buttons’ stuck on the floor. His previous site was as well very basic, but maybe a bit more challenging than this one.

“You can have an art experience in front of a Rembrandt… or in front of a piece of graphic design.”

Stefan Sagmeister has made a commercial for the Standard Chartered Bank and yet again he has played with typography in a very intriguing and neat way. Even if we have seen this particulary creative approach before from Stefan Sagmeister, it´s still food for thought.