I wanna run through your wicked garden
Heard that’s the place to find you
‘Cause I’m alive
So alive now
Out of the dark that blinds you

Not the first time….


Brilliant. Just brilliant.

This is a moment I have been waiting for since 2001, the last time we heard new tunes from STP. So we are counting 2010 now and a new album has hits the shelves. It´s a classic STP record with finer melodies intertwining with heavier sounds. But, it´s not an all in all completely even record, the way it was back in the days. There´s seven songs out of twelve that really stands out and makes me rock; “Take A Load Off”, “Hickory Dichotomy”, Cinnamon”, “Hazy Daze”, “Bagman”, “Peacoat” and “Fast As I Can”. It´s good to hear that Weiland has taken care of his voice after all these years. He sounds very “healthy” in his voice. Compared to how he sounded ten-fifteen years ago. I would love to see them live again (saw them already back in 1993) during 2010-2011 so I hope they will come to Europe soon enough. STP is back!

If you want to read more about the new album go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_Temple_Pilots_(album)

“Between The Lines” is the first single from the new STP album. Solid classic STP rock n rolla. However, I need some more time to indulge myself in the new album before I say something..