When in Malmö and you have a crave for solid food with a french bistro touch and the opportunity to play a game of boule, you should visit the recently opened Boulebar at Drottningtorget. The beautiful interior design was created by Gothenburg based Stylt Trampoli.


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I revisited Riga (Latvia – The Baltic States) the past week, a city I lived in 2007-2009, and I had the pleasure to finally see the first KHL Sports Bar situated in SAS Radisson Blue Hotel Latvija. For sure the most welldesigned and wellplanned sportsbar I have ever visited. The design was created by the Swedish designstudio Stylt Trampoli. If you happen to pass by Riga, do not miss out on a visit to the KHL Sports Bar. It’s an experience.

“The world’s first sports bar – with brains. That was our solution when KHL, the Kontinental Hockey League, signed us to create a new restaurant chain. KHL was founded in 2008 and originates from the former Russian Super League. This international hockey league has quickly developed into Europe’s strongest and most attractive, aiming to compete with the NHL about the best players. To continue to build its brand, KHL decided to create a new kind of meeting place for people interested in sports. Stylt’s mission was to turn the KHL:s core values into a restaurant experience with a strong identity as well as an attractive setting.

In January 2012 the doors opened up to the first KHL Sports Bar, located in Riga, Latvia. And more will soon follow in Russia, the CIS countries and in Europe. In contrast to your ordinary sports bar that promotes hockey as a game of power, sweat and muscles, a quote by legendary Russian hockey coach Anatolij Tarasov became Stylt’s main source of inspiration: “The future of hockey will be marked by the players’ ability to predict events – like chess players who can see several moves ahead. The future of hockey is fast, athletic and – intellectual.”
The result is a restaurant concept based on the league’s heritage of artistry, tactics and fair play. The KHL Sports Bar offer food, drinks and sporting events from morning to night. The focus is on ice hockey, but all types of sports are shown on numerous TV screens. Also, different games and activities are available as well as an official KHL-shop. And above all, The KHL Sports Bar reflects hockey as a battle between brains and a competition in the art of thinking. A place for philosophers as well as for athletes.” (via Stylt Trampoli – All images from Stylt Trampoli)