The city of Malmö, recently at the centre of an international debate on Swedish immigration, is a creative hub with a booming culture and foodie scene. Here are 75 things that make Sweden’s third largest city unique. (via Sydsvenskan)

Bo01 området med Turning Torso i Västra Hamnen

Gold third year in a row! ‪#‎FCRosengård‬ ‪#‎Malmö‬ ‪#‎Gold‬ ‪#‎Damallsvenskan‬  

On thursday there was the yearly derby between my hometowns soccerteam MFF and the rival HIF. The result was a beautiful game from MFF and a win with 3-0. This image says it all. (photo from Sydsvenskan)

Yet another gold for LDB FC Malmö this afternoon! Congrats!! Excellent win. (photos from Sydsvenskan)