Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, Gotham City is in a state of peace. Under powers granted by the Dent Act, Commissioner James Gordon (Gary Oldman) has nearly eradicated violent and organized crime. Gordon feels guilty about the cover-up of Harvey Dents crimes, but decides that the city is not ready to hear the truth. While following a lead in the abduction of a congressional representative, Gordons speech falls into the hands of the villain Bane (Tom Hardy), who discovers the truth about Dent. Gordon is shot in the process of escaping and promotes patrol officer John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) to detective, allowing Blake to report directly to him in hospital. As Batman has disappeared from Gotham, so too has Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), locking himself inside Wayne Manor. Wayne Enterprises is crumbling after he invested in board member Miranda Tates (Marion Cotillard) clean energy project, designed to harness fusion power, and shut it down after learning that the core could be modified to become a nuclear weapon. Both Blake, who has deduced Batmans identity, and Gordon implore Batman to return. Bane attacks the stock exchange and bankrupts Bruce, forcing him to relinquish control of Wayne Enterprises. Correctly suspecting that his business rival, John Daggett, employed Bane to aid in this aggressive take-over of his company, Wayne entrusts Tate to keep full control out of Daggetts hands. However, Bane has other plans, and kills Daggett to take control of his construction empire. Following a trail left by cat burglar Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway), Batman locates Bane, who says that he took over the League of Shadows following Ras al Ghuls death. In the following confrontation, Bane physically cripples Batman and places him in a prison from which escape is virtually impossible. The other inmates relate the story of how Ras al Ghuls child was the only person, through necessity and the sheer force of will, to ever escape the prison. Batman believes that the child grew up to become Bane. Meanwhile, Bane lures most of Gothams police force underground and sets off explosions across the city, trapping the officers and turning Gotham into an isolated city-state. Any attempt to leave the city will result in the detonation of the Wayne Enterprises fusion core, now converted into a bomb. Bane publicly reveals the cover-up of Dents death and releases the prisoners in Blackgate Prison who were prosecuted under the Dent Act. Gotham City needs Batman yet again. Can he escape from his prison to save the city?…

“The Dark Knight Rises” is the third and final installment in Nolans Batman film trilogy, and a sequel to “Batman Begins” (2005) and “The Dark Knight” (2008). Christopher Nolan was initially hesitant about returning to the series for a third time, but agreed to come back after developing a story with his brother Jonathan and Goyer that he felt would conclude the series on a satisfactory note. Nolan drew inspiration from Banes comic book debut in the 1993 Knightfall storyline, the 1986 series The Dark Knight Returns, and the 1999 storyline No Mans Land. So we have come to an end for at least the Nolan/Bale collaboration in terms of the Batman franchaise and what a blast it has been. I need to praise Mr. Nolan for creating the modern world of Batman (not taking anything away from Tim Burton and his two installments which I liked very much back then) and how he has done it. From Batman himself to his enemies, the gadgets, the vehicles, the darkness etc. When “Batman Begins” came out I thought it was pretty ok, but nothing more. At that point who knew that this was just the beginning literally… “The Dark Knight” was a different chapter and a truly great Batman movie where the late Heath Ledger gave the performance of his life (R.I.P). The action was mindblowing in that one. And now we have reached the final chapter for Bales Batman. The story carries the mark of modern terrorism (but here with some sort of global and massive conscience) we see around the world and as well hints of the Occupy The Wall Street movement. A story that feels updated in Gotham City (aka New York). We have seen Bale as Batman twice, thus we know what to expect from him, so in “The Dark Knight Rises” it is more intriguing to see how Tom Hardy (Bane) and Anna Hathaway (Selina Kyle) carries their roles. Bane is menacing, brutal and a full on excentric villain with an intriguing voice. Hardy is good, but I reckon he lose a bit of his performance due to the mask he carries. And, I would say that Ledgers Joker is a tad bit better. I love what Nolan has done with Selina Kyle. She is a catburglar, not really Catwoman (it makes more sense) and how her visor of her googles looks like catears when she pulls upp the visor. The subtle connection to Catwoman. Great. The plot and narrative is intresting. Gotham City has reached zero precentage of crime and Batman/Wayne has disappeared into obscurity with a broken body and a dark mind. Something that changes due to Bane. I like the existential twist that follows the storyline. The action and CGI is topnotch and visually impressive. Love The Bat. The man vs man combat between Bane and Batman is however a bit weak, stiff and not so well coreographed in my mind. Yes, there are some plot holes, something “The Dark Knight Rises” has been critized for. And I assume the production company and studio put the pressure on Nolan to deliver an end that opens up for new Batman movies… I do not want to say more than that. All in all “The Dark Knight Rises” is impressive, but I still rank “The Dark Knight” as the finest hour in the trilogy. (4 out of 5)



Now, this I want…

In anticipation of the latest Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, LEGO has revealed a minifigure collection in line with the movie. Unlike those Batman and Bane LEGO figures previously created—which were based on DC Comics and Batman animated series—these LEGO Batman minifigures are made to match the movie’s characters. The series features a winged Batman, Batman in his white costume, and the villain Bane—perfect for those who want to create their own LEGO stop-motion trailer for The Dark Knight. (via DesignTaxi)


The Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan has revealed the first details about the plot of the film. Anticipation for the director’s third outing to Gotham City has been at fever pitch for months. And as the release next summer approaches, Nolan has teased that the new film takes place years after the last one.

Nolan told Empire: We left him in a very precarious place. Perhaps surprisingly for some people, our story picks up quite a bit later, eight years after The Dark Knight. So he’s an older Bruce Wayne; he’s not in a great state. The Dark Knight ended with Batman riding off into the night after being branded an outlaw. The director also revealed character details of the films main villain Bane, played by Tom Hardy. “With Bane, we’re looking to give Batman a challenge he hasn’t had before. With our choice of villain and with our choice of story we’re testing Batman both physically a well as mentally.”

The character has a mask which provides him with gas that allows him to survive a painful injury that he sustains during the film. Hardy said of his role: “He’s a big dude who’s incredibly clinical, in the fact that he has a result-based and oriented fighting style. It’s not about fighting. It’s about carnage. The style is heavy-handed, heavy-footed, it’s nasty. “Anything from small-joint manipulation to crushing skulls, crushing rib cages, stamping on shins and knees and necks and collarbones and snapping heads off and tearing his fists through chests and ripping out spinal columns. He’s a terrorist in mentality as well as brutal action.”

The Dark Knight Rises opens in the UK on July 20, 2012. (via NME)


Adam West could be lined up to make a shock cameo in The Dark Knight Rises. The actor, who played Batman in the iconic camp 1960s TV version of the caped crusader’s adventures, has been vocal about his desire to make a return to Gotham City on the big screen. Now reports have emerged that it is actually happening.

The news came via Floss magazine’s Twitter feed, according to MovieWeb. The posting read: “Hollywood big wigs confirmed actor Adam West will make a cameo on The Dark Knight Rises set to open July 20, 2012.”

West has in the past expressed an interest in playing Bruce Wayne’s father, although the character was killed off in Batman Begins. He said in 2008: “I like Christian Bale. I’ve heard he’s a big fan of mine, but I certainly reciprocate. I think he’s really very good. I’d love to play his father. The older Batman comes out of the woodwork, when times get really tough… maybe a few tips here and there.”

He previously provided the voice of Thomas Wayne in an episode of animated series Batman: The Brave And The Bold, with former Catwoman actress Julie Newmar voicing his wife Martha. (via NME)

It has finally been announced by Variety (via WorstPreviews) that Inception actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been cast as Alberto Falcone in Christopher Nolan’s feverishly-anticipated trilogy closer. Alberto is the son of mob boss Carmine Falcone, played by Tom Wilkinson in Batman Begins. Gary Oldman has previously mentioned in a interview that Rises will round off Nolan’s Bat-story, and bring it all back to Begins. Nolan will undoubtedly keep the plot details tightly under wraps until the film is released, but Alberto had an interesting role to play in Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s The Long Halloween. In that storyline, Alberto was revealed to be the Holiday Killer, a murderer who had been taking various people out on significant holidays throughout the year.

The Dark Knight Rises, is due for release on 20 July 2012. (via Total Film)

Marion Cotillard is the latest name to be linked with forthcoming Batman sequel The Dark Knight Rises. The film, due out next year, will complete Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. Casting rumours have been flying around for months now, while Anne Hathaway has been confirmed to play Catwoman, while Tom Hardy has been cast as the Bane character. Now, according to The Guardian, Cotillard has been in talks for an as-yet-unspecified role. Some fans are predicting that she will land the role of Talia al Guhl, thought to be a central villain in the story.

The character is the daughter of the Ra’s al Guhl character, head of criminal organisation The League Of Shadows. He’s played by Liam Neeson in Batman Begins. The Dark Knight Rises is one of next year’s most anticipated blockbusters. Gary Oldman, who plays Commissioner Gordon, said that the new film “brings it back to Batman Begins, and really what Christian [Bale] and Bruce Wayne discovers about himself”. (via NME)