Fireflies swirling around in the summer night sky are a sight to behold. CS Electrical Company captures a bit of this magic with their new packaging from Angelina Pischikova.

“CS is the largest electrical company in Belarus, which supplies the market with more than 5000 items. CS company’s branding and packaging has been inspired by the old physics books which are diagrams of electrical circuits and illustration of scientific experiments in the style of engravings. Inventor Thomas Edison ‘s words that a firefly is an ideal cold light source prompted the idea of omparing the various forms of light bulbs with various insects. So a client will see it not just as an ordinary luminaire, but as an independent form.”

The detailed illustrations show each insect with its wings spread wide, allowing the light bulb body to be seen. Each bulb has its own shape, from long and skinny to stout and fat, and this adds a bit of personality to each bug illustration. The light bulbs are also assigned a number, giving them a bit of a high-end sophistication, and the wattage is right on the front making it easy for consumers to choose which one best suits their needs. (Via THe Dieline)

Love this design. Excellent job.


Hungarian designer and visual artist Kissmilkos was commissioned to create a sophisticated bohemian brand and atmosphere for Trafiq, one of the newest bars in downtown Budapest. The goal was to revive the vibe of the late 19th to early 20th century, while reinterpreting a vintage style mixed with a modern atmosphere. To accomplish this, Kissmilkos created everything from the branding, to interior graphics, to the restaurant’s packaging.  A “trafik” was a type of tiny shop selling tobacco, sweets, newspapers, toys, and other knickknacks, and was a real treasure island for children. I’ve purposely created an image that conveys this specific atmosphere. The typography resembles of  newspaper fonts, french playing cards – the essential accessories of early 20th century clubs and the typical souvenirs of a “trafik”.

The Logo: “The logo is based on a roman-type font, and is mixed with a playful, classic ligature. The logotype contains the address of the venue. This provides an easier form of communication and unifies the typographic language, moreover ,it determines its style. Nevertheless, the typographic language tends to reach beyond the boundaries of a logo and of various graphic elements, and becomes the concept itself, the interior’s distinguishable cornerstone.”

The Restrooms: “Simplistic restroom graffiti collected from anglo-saxon countries, and separated by genders. Their content was not altered, although they are presented in an elegant, footed, and classical antiqua that conjures an intense paradox and basically gives life to an artistic concept; moreover, it gives an iconic edge to its location.”

The Posters: “Humorous, framed texts referring to sexuality, night-time entertainment, and getting tipsy, all interpreted in the language of contemporary typography. These texts, at least to an extent, resemble both the philosophy of late 19th – early 20th century artists and the atmosphere of bohemian saloons independent from high-nosed institutions.”

The Packaging: “The concept of the packaging is based on the formerly described world of “trafiks”, and puts simple, playful ideas into practice – such as hard-pack cigarette boxes and matchboxes. Regardless, it’s still remaining elegant, and follows the visual path carved by trafiq’s image. (via The Dieline)

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Pisko is a grape derived spirit which also happens to be Peru’s best kept secret. Revó Pisko created by Path, tap into four prevailing trends: the age of crafted commodity, the maturing of the ‘Millennial’, shifts in perceptions of premium spirits and the growth of emerging markets. Peru’s rich history of bold spirit of defiance, inspired Path to create a Pisko brand proposition – one that delivers values of rebellious subversion and provocation.

The Revo brand essence was defined as ‘the irrepressible companion to any night out, with a distinctly fiery disposition’ – focusing on not only the unique taste profile of pisko, but also its history as a product created in the 18th century as a rebellious reaction to the Spanish occupation. The branded graphics are skillfully weaved into a label with intended naivety and studied rawness, evoking a spirit of uncontrived authenticity.

The history of Pisko informed the design and language of the branding which borrows heavily from the styling of spirit tax stamps, reflecting the heavy taxation that forced Peruvians to create pisko as an act of defiance. Paired with the textured, crafted values of the graphic, it unites to create the true rising ‘underdog’ brand. The reverse of the label shows a lino-cut style illustration with the phrase ‘purely peruvian’ which can be read through the product, to accentuate the clear, distilled quality of the spirit and to flaunt the true Peruvian origins of the drink The bottle shape has a unique fluid equity that sets it apart from other spirit genres, resisting the clichés of neighbouring categories and delivering on its defiant values. The bottle closure uses concrete, which not only creates a seal of quality but also eludes to the unique production method of distilling pisko in vast, concrete tanks.

Designed by Path

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

(via The Dieline)

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OlssønBarbieri created a stunning limited edition bottle for Hellstrøm’s Juleaquavit 2013.

“In modern times Christians all over the world celebrates Christmas. It is believed that this date was chosen to offset pagan celebrations of the Winter solstice, occurring in the northern hemisphere during the coldest season of the year. Although winter was regarded as the season of dormancy, darkness and cold, the coming of lighter days after the winter solstice brought on a festive mood. The return of light (life) was a reason to celebrate that Nature’s cycle was continuing. At this time, the animals for slaughter were the fattest, flour had been processed, all the work of autumn was completed, and it was time to celebrate.

Primstav is the ancient Norwegian perpetual calendar stick. These calendars did not disappear after Lutheranism was introduced into Norway, they merely changed their function and became agricultural almanacs, where the signs representing the Catholic saints acquired new meanings, now related to housekeeping and agriculture.

Hellstrøm Christmas Aquavit 2013 reaffirms those symbols loaded with an ancient wisdom in the form of a pattern transmitting both a festive mood and a vast heritage connected to nature, farming, and conviviality.” (via The Dieline)

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Designed by Evelin Toledano, Swedish Sensation is a swedish gourmet brand by the famous female cook Tina Nordström. The designs were inspired by the typical cold snowy Swedish landscapes – giving it an elegant and sophisticated look. (via The Dieline)

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“Norwegian Ambassadør is a premium norwegian vodka, released exclusively in Russia. The design is based on the geometry of the cross within the norwegian flag. This was used to strengthen the link to the brand´s name. The word “Ambassadør” is spelled that way in norwegian and thus gives the brand a unique flair.”

“The concept is based on an honest before/after approach of drinking vodka, without concealing the harsh reality. The consumer can peel off the white paper label on the front of the bottle. After doing so, an inverted black copy of the front label is revealed on an underlying layer. Glancing at the label from the other side of the bottle displays the message “Full Immunity Granted” (when you drink Norwegian Ambassadør). On the reverse side of the label that one peels off the consumer discovers a photo from an after-party with an invite from the ambassadør to participate and engage online by tagging their own party pictures with #norwegianambassador on Instagram.

The site Full Immunity Granted will fetch every photo tagged this way and generate a canvas of Norwegian Ambassadør party pictures from all over Russia. The best pictures will be used on the back of label of the upcoming bottle of Norwegian Ambassadør with a personal greeting from that person. Due to the limited marketing budget, we based our concept on the use of social media to get users to actively participate and engage with the brand. Here we have chosen unconventional methods of promoting the product (with the peel-off label strategy) to generate publicity with a slight element of surprise.” (via The Dieline)

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Heineken, the world’s most international brewer, whom recently debuted their exclusive denim collaboration with Japanese brand NEIGHBORHOOD for the #Heineken100 program, an exclusive seeding program that celebrates Heineken’s “Man of the World.” Overseen by #Heineken100 Creative Director Chris Gibbs (owner of West Coast shop UNION Los Angeles), the indigo denim, rigid narrow jeans include exclusive Heineken green cross-stitching, a custom green leather label, and Heineken-printed label with personalized packaging.

“Similar to Heineken, NEIGHBORHOOD is an international brand that truly believes in providing consumers quality, and is at the forefront of strategic lifestyle partnerships. NEIGHBORHOOD’s dedication to this collaborative project has provided the #Heineken100 program a unique offering like no other.”

– Belen Pamukoff, Brand Director of Marketing, HEINEKEN USA

“When working with Heineken on the partnership for this year’s program, NEIGHBORHOOD was one of the first brands that came to mind thanks to their signature denim collection. Both Heineken and I wanted to expand the horizon of this year’s products, and also work with a brand that had international reach but selective distribution.”

– #Heineken100 Creative Director, Chris Gibbs

Announced earlier this year as the creative director for the 2013 #Heineken100 program, this is the third partnership under Gibbs’ direction. Prior to the debut of the #Heineken100 X NEIGHBORHOOD denim the brand also released their joint KILLSPENCER backpack in October, and two collaborative chukka boots in September 2013 with acclaimed designer Mark McNairy. Heineken plans to debut their final #Heieneken100 collaborative project with iconic artist Eric Haze during the Art Basel Miami Beach fair in December 2013.

“For this project, I wanted to use contrasting stitch colors to evoke different emotions—especially Heineken’s signature green. I am proud to share a product that not only showcases the brand quality, but also highlights a part of my culture with a niche audience that genuinely appreciates it.”

– NEIGHBORHOOD Designer, Shinsuke Takizawa

In its fourth year, the #Heineken100 influencer program identifies and celebrates various tastemakers across the nation that represent Heineken’s “Man of the World.” The collaborative products are exclusively available to the 100 individuals on the #Heineken100 list. Previous collaborations include: Mark McNairy saddle shoes, a Public School camouflage duffle bag, a Tsovet watch, Android Homme sneakers, and tote bags designed by fashion duo Dee & Ricky.

Designed by Heineken with collaboration by NEIGHBORHOOD and UNION Los Angeles (via The Dieline)

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Sorger is a family owned bakery in Germany. A bakery with a lot of history and heritage is recognized for there amazing brewed coffee and delectable pastries. Moodley Brand Identity has designed an array of packaging to accompany these amazing treats! The design is modern, colorful, type based, and very bold and lively. “For more than 300 years, we have been established in the heart of Styria as a family with now more than 25 branches in the areas of bakery, pastry shop, coffee house and roastery and widely known and popular. Whether our own traditional hand-roasted Arabica coffee, homemade bakery and the quality of bread, pastries, snacks or lunches our estimate – we, the Sorger family and all the staff look forward to your visit.”   (via The Dieline)

10_26_2013_Utilities_1 10_26_2013_Utilities_2 10_26_2013_Utilities_3 10_26_2013_Utilities_4 10_26_2013_Utilities_5 10_26_2013_Utilities_6 10_26_2013_Utilities_7

A very nice beer brand design development.

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Love this.

Bad Dog or Perro Malo Mezcal is inspired by Cerberus the Roman and Greek mythology myth, which is the multi-headed “hell hound” that guards the gates of the underworld. This packaging definitely represents the dark side or underworld. Being inspired by this story mfutura took the concept and give the packaging that feel – from the dark black wooden box to the black matte bottle. The black on black wax seal unified every detail of the packaging and is very eye catching. (via The Dieline)

08_22_2013_perromalo_1 08_22_2013_perromalo_2 08_22_2013_perromalo_3 08_22_2013_perromalo_4 08_22_2013_perromalo_5 08_22_2013_perromalo_6 08_22_2013_perromalo_7 08_22_2013_perromalo_9