So I have finally seen the first season of the Netflix/Marvel tv-show “The Punisher” based on the classic Marvel comic character Frank Castle aka The Punisher. It´s a well made tv-show, it´s brutal and dark. However, my problem here is that they have made Frank Castle into a true Marine grunt and not how Frank Castle should be if you ask me. Jon Bernthal looks and performance adds to that very much. To me Frank Castle is a smart, sophisticated and driven killer machine and an expert on hand-to-hand combat, guerrilla warfare, strategy and marksmanship. This doesn´t fully come out in this tv-show. Jon Bernthal´s The Punisher isn´t fully Frank Castle to my mind. I will not see the second season, I wasn´t intrigued enough. And we did only get two seasons of this tv-show anyways before it was canceled.


Frank Castle (Dolph Lundgren) a former police detective, whose family was murdered by the Franco mob, has now taken the form of The Punisher. A judge, jury and executioner in the same shape. His whole life is about punishing anyone involved in organized crime and with the number of 125 deaths on his conscience in five years, he is racking up the bodycount. Suddenly the Gianni Franco (Jeroen Krabbe) empire is threaten by the japanese Yakuza and The Punisher ends up in the middle of a mobwar…

I saw this on VHS back in 1990 I reckon it was, yet another movie butchered by The Swedish Board Of Censorship, and well.. it was ok back then, minus the bloody censorship cuts. It´s the first Punisher movie adaptation and I guess Lundgren is semi ok as Castle. If it wasn´t for his poor acting skills it might have been better. The action, hmmm… so so. The story is very cartoony like and thus it fits I reckon. It is low budget and that is quite obvious. Back in 1989, comic adaptations was hardly on the agenda for the big studios, so financing them was most likely hard. Today is a different story. I have seen the two other Punisher movies, and I reckon they all have some plus. But, non has hit the perfect spot just yet. I reckon we will see another version in a not too distant future… (2 and a half out of 5)