Everything you need to know about the upcoming “Captain Marvel” movie. The release date is March 8, 2019.



The first footage from the 24th Bond film “SPECTRE” and the release of a new on-set video on The new video shows Sam Mendes and crew filming an action sequence in Solden, Austria, with Daniel Craig’s Bond getting his action on against a snowy, mountainside backdrop.

“This is going to be one of the major action sequences of the movie,” says Associate Producer Gregg Wilson, “a jewel in the crown so to speak. It’s going to be spectacular and Austria seemed to offer everything that we needed to pull it off.”

Production Designer Dennis Gassner also chimes in, saying, “The thing that Sam and I talked about was how we are going to top Skyfall… I think that we are going to continue the history of the Bond films, making things that are exciting for the audience to look at and what could be more exciting than to be on top of the world?”. Directed by Mendes and co-starring Christoph Waltz, Ralph Fiennes and Léa Seydoux, “SPECTRE” will open in the UK on 23 October 2015, and the US on 6 November 2015. (via Total Film)


What can you say….

The sad passing of director Tony Scott last year had left a significant question mark over the status of proposed sequel Top Gun 2, but according to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the project may yet come to fruition. Bruckheimer told Deadline that the project had been in the pipeline too long to be given up on, and revealed that he still harbours hopes that Tom Cruise will return as high-flying hero Maverick.

”For 30 years we’ve been trying to make a sequel and we’re not going to stop,” said Bruckheimer. “We still want to do it with Tom [Cruise] and Paramount are still interested in making it.” Perhaps even more important however, is Bruckheimer’s continuing belief that Cruise himself is interested in the project. “What Tom tells me is that no matter where he goes in the world, people refer to him as Maverick. It’s something he is excited about, so as long as he keeps his enthusiasm, hopefully we’ll get it made.” (via Total Film)


Scripting duties for the Blade Runner sequel are to be taken on by Green Lantern co-writer Michael Green. Given Green Lantern’s sluggish and occasionally clunky dialogue, it’s a move that’s unlikely to please fans, although Green’s earlier work on Smallville and Heroes might provide some reassurance. Meanwhile, the report also claims that Ridley Scott is deep in negotiations with Harrison Ford to convince him to return as Rick Deckard. This too is something of a departure from earlier accounts claiming that Ford’s character would not feature this time out. Here’s hoping that Alcon’s initial promise regarding the sequel’s motivations holds true. “We want people to know that we’re very serious about doing this in an artistic way,” said the studio. “This isn’t just commercial fodder.” (via Total Film)