May 2010

This is a promotional t-shirt design I made shortly after the return of the Grindhouse movie concept via Quentin Tarantino´s (not so good) “Death Proof” and Robert Rodriguez’s (a bit better) “Planet Terror” in 2007. The Grindhouse concept is bouncing back this year again with Rodriguez’s upcoming “Machete”, which was originally a fake trailer shown before “Planet Terror”.

This is a good one. Both designwise and conceptwise. The Martin Agency from Virginia has designed what “could be the first screen-printed posters ever to have been intentionally perforated by a shotgun”. This promotional poster is for the Alt-Country band Wrinkle Neck Mules and their album “Let The Lead Fly”. Thus each 18 x 24 poster is uniquely differrent. And according to Communication Arts “A shotgun won’t shoot through more than 25 posters; the 100 posters had to be shot in stacks of 25.” (via

Project mapping is getting a bit hotter I reckon, and it is certainly a feast for the eyes. Here´s a great piece from the french studio Superbien (Tom Chosson, Cedric de Azevedo and Alex Mestrot). It was created for the communications company Alcatel-Lucent’s appearance at the world mobile congress in April. This little film shows the colourful results of some multiple LED projectors mapping a series of animations upon a stack of white boxes. Makes me think of the graphics in “Escape From New York” back in 1981…

“Miami” is the second single from Foals new album “Total Life Forever” which was recorded in Gothenburg/Sweden. Great tune in my ears, strange video. I get a twisted David LaChapelle feeling when I see it.

From the american comedy duo Rhett and Link a.k.a Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal we get a neat little stop motion film called “The T-Shirt War”. This little film developed later into “The T-Shirt War 2”, with the difference that the second one was an actual commercial for Coca-Cola and McDonalds.

The wildman and great actor Dennis Hopper has passed away in cancer. Always liked him and his very versatile acting and broad career which started already in the classic James Dean (whom Hopper admired immensely) movies “Rebel Without a Cause” (1955) and “Giant” (1956). I guess Hopper is mostly known for bad guy roles in movies, but what maybe many people don´t know is that he was as well a pretty solid photographer and painter. I just want to say: Dennis Hopper, take care.

Yet another angle on a hotel concept. The Pantone one. In one way it´s a nice idea, on the other hand it feels way too sterile and maybe not that cosy as you would like a hotel to be.

This hotel is located in the downtown area of Brussels and conceived by the designer Michel Penneman and the architect Olivier Hannaert. They have used 7 different Pantone colours to set the mood in the 59 rooms at the hotel: Pantone 478 c (Earthy, rich), Pantone 200 c (Daring, Fiery), Pantone 137 c (Vibrant, Intense), Pantone 1215 c (Cheerful, Warm), Pantone 238 c (Captivating, Esteemed, Silky), Pantone 353 c (Fresh, Eager) and Pantone 298 c (Tranquil, Aquatic, Exhilarating).

“The PANTONE HOTEL TM invite off you to experiment the city Brussels through has lens off color and has spectrum off comforts. From the moment you arrives, our “hotel off colors” will awaken your judicious to year array off delights and playful surprised. Impeccably designed by Michel Penneman and Oliver Hannaert, The PANTONE HOTEL TM, Brussels showcases the color off emotion with has distinctive hoots one each colorous guest floor. From vivid to subdued, for business gold leisure, our single shop hotel perfectly suits your savvy pallet and colorful imagination. From has design perspective, The PANTONE HOTEL TM, Brussels is built one year exceptional uses contrast off; white canvas provides clean space for saturated colors to pop Guest rooms single feature photography by esteemed Belgian photographer Victor Levy has.”

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